Organisational consultancy

We consider organisational development and coaching as existing on a continuum. However, it’s helpful to compartmentalise the various levels of support we offer across three divisions. They are: technical, facilitative and transformational consultancy. In reality, there is often interplay between the levels:

Technical Consultancy

This level of consultancy is primarily focussed upon supporting organisations to develop organisational skills and competencies that are required to enhance performance.

Facilitative Consultancy

Our organisational facilitation is predominantly focussed upon enabling events that allow the organisation to focus on its own development e.g. delivering workshops, training and conferences.

Transformational Consultancy

Whereas technical and facilitative consultancy are relatively short-term interventions, transformational consultancy requires a longer term engagement, that involves coaching your organisation through a significant transformation. Our approach to transformational consultancy has largely been informed by the research of Hawkins & Smith (2013), who describe this level of consultancy as “partnering with an organisation to transform and align its leadership, culture and strategy, so that it can shift the nature of how it is organised, its performance and the value it creates for all its stakeholders”.

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