We help you overcome


and recover your


Underlying issues people bring to our PSYCHOTHERAPY sessions:

Depression; anxiety; relationship difficulties; cross-cultural relationships; expat issues; psychosexual and gender concerns (LGBTQIA+, BDSM, kink friendly, poly friendly); autism; burnout; stress; overwhelm; disability; addiction and screen addiction; eating disorders. 

Underlying issues people bring to our COACHING sessions:

Imposter syndrome; lacking purpose and direction; authentic leadership development; conflict resolution and mediation; promotion; mediation; values alignment; business development; strategy; entrepreneurialism; balance; freedom; autonomy.

We have helped transform the

personal and professional lives of 

THOUSANDS of clients over the past 30 years!


Past & present clients range from:

Parents & caregivers

Neurodivergent clients

BBC executives

Senior United Nations diplomats

Blue-chip CEOs

World-class athletes

TED Talk Speakers

    “I’ve learned so much from Dr. Shorrock… he is a highly skilled mental health professional, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced… a valuable mentor.”

    Dr Natalie Loumba

    University of Cyprus

    “… had a huge impact on my work. I highly recommend Dr. Matt’s trainings.”

    Rawia Liverpool, Behavioural Change Coach

    “Matt is undoubtedly one of the most driven, smart and conscientious individuals I have ever had the privilege to meet. He is an inspiration to be around and any company or person that has the opportunity to work with him… they should grab the opportunity with both hands!”

    Martyn Harrison, Head of Sustainability Planning


    “Matt is an authority in authentic leadership. His guidance, loyalty and expertise have supported me to build and consolidate substantial personal and professional growth over the past ten years, and to lead with integrity and purpose. He is warm and grounded as a person, and exceptionally skilled…” 

    Tom Humphries, CEO

    “Dr. Matt had a very positive impact on my legacy… I can only give the most positive affirmation of his abilities, wisdom, knowledge, and care…”.

    Martin Lomax, Commercial Director



    If you are keen to expedite your recovery journey, take advantage of this bundle of resources, especially selected by Dr Matt Shorrock** for The MIND Institute:

    • BURNOUT RECOVERY 101 COURSE (online)
    • PSYCHOLOGICAL HANDBOOK for overcoming Stress, Overwhelm & Burnout (185 pages)
    • 1:1 COACHING SESSION with Dr. Matt or Francesca Shorrock (online or in-person)

    Our online courses have been purposefully designed by Dr. Matt Shorrock, an award winning leadership and mindset coach and author, who draws upon his extensive research and practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist for the past 30 years. His courses are internationally renowned for their simplicity and accessibility in resolving often complex problems, such as midlife crisis, chronic burnout, imposter syndrome, rudderlessness, procrastination and self-sabotage.


    Whatever your training, coaching or therapy needs, you can expect depth, substance and potency from our face-to-face and online resources, that will inspire, motivate and guide you!

    If you suspect you are on the cusp of burnout take our FREE Burnout Screening Test to assess your current level of risk and predisposition to chronic stress and burnout.

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