are you feeling 



  Anxious ?

are you missing 



  Direction ?

We have helped transform the personal and professional lives of 

THOUSANDS of clients over the past 30 years!

We help you become the FULLEST expression of yourself !

Often find yourself stretched too thin in your personal and professional life?  

Feeling rudderless and lacking purpose in projects that once excited you?  

Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed and irritated? 

Have you had multiple burnouts in your life?  




After experiencing a breaking point in his own long and successful professional and business career, psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Matt Shorrock became a leadership and mindset coach to support other ambitious individuals to reclaim balance and purpose in their lives. 

Discover the transformative power of balance, and how to utilise it as a potent magnet for success and wellbeing. With the help of scientifically backed strategies, ancient wisdom, practical advice, psychological tests and exercises, and personal and professional anecdotes, you’ll discover:

          • The very best methods to reclaim your vision, vigour and vitality
          • A practical roadmap for working through problems, and establishing goals that make deeper sense.  
          • Shortcuts to building resilience, stamina and discipline, as well as self-compassion and a heightened personal awareness. 
          • How to scale your business, aligned with your personal values and home life commitments. 
          • Tactics to nurture a work and rest ethic, attracting greater freedom, autonomy & abundance.   
          • Guidance on cultivating your authentic leadership & integrity.


Past & present clients include:

  • BBC executives 

  • Senior United Nations diplomats

  • Blue-chip CEOs

  • World-class athletes

  • TED Talk Speakers

“… had a huge impact on my work. I highly recommend Dr. Matt’s trainings.”

Rawia Liverpool, Behavioural Change Coach

“Matt is an authority in authentic leadership. His guidance, loyalty and expertise have supported me to build and consolidate substantial personal and professional growth over the past ten years, and to lead with integrity and purpose. He is warm and grounded as a person, and exceptionally skilled…” 

Tom Humphries, CEO

“Dr. Matt had a very positive impact on my legacy… I can only give the most positive affirmation of his abilities, wisdom, knowledge, and care…”.

Martin Lomax, Commercial Director

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