No one person is the same …

“My philosophical position towards my work is that no one person is the same, even though I notice patterns and correlations, which can inform the approach I take to therapeutic treatment or coaching transformation. Therefore, every course of therapy or coaching programme is uniquely co-created between myself and clients, given that every relationship is personal and unique, and every person is capable of making decisions and being self-agentic. This, my friends, is where and how the magic happens.”

Dr Matt Shorrock

We offer a highly specialised services (in-person and online), including programmes for burnout and screen addiction.

The MIND Institute is dedicated to the provision of personal and professional development services. It is directed by Dr. Matt Shorrock (Chartered Psychologist, Leadership Coach and reg. Psychotherapist), and Francesca Shorrock (qualified Counsellor, Life-Coach and Trainer).

All our services are online, and we offer native English-speaking face-to-face services to expatriates and their families based in Vienna, Austria. Our services are culturally sensitive, and account the special challenges faced by the international community.

As a Leadership and Mindset Coach serving the global community, Dr. Matt’s passion is supporting ambitious, values-driven business leaders, public figures, and entrepreneurs lead themselves and their teams authentically, so that they can make a powerful impact on the world. Matt’s coaching clients include senior diplomats, blue-chip CEOs, world-class athletes and actors on the international stage.

His specialisms include resolving stubborn self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and supporting already successful clients who have plateaued or burnt out recover their vision, vigour and vitality so they can ‘up-level’ or serve others more powerfully.

Over the past 25 years he has also trained and qualified as a psychotherapist and then as a chartered psychologist, which has equipped him with deep skill sets in coaching mastery.

We adopt an ‘integrative’ approach, which is underpinned by the highest standards in our ethical and research-informed practice.

Common issues people present to us


Developing excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship. Specialised in the following areas: authenticity, up-levelling, burnout, chronic stress, plateauing, exhaustion, strategy, pricing, positioning, packaging, emotional intelligence (EQ), conflict resolution, contracting, anger management, and personal branding.


Depression, feeling down, anxiety, generalised anxiety, phobias, addiction (including internet addiction), relationships difficulties, identity issues, family problems, cross-cultural issues, sexual issues, gambling, low self-worth, divorce, abuse, trauma, PTSD, post traumatic stress, loneliness, alienation, alcohol problems, drug issues, a sense of not belonging, strangeness, depersonalisation, dissociation, jealousy, sexual jealousy. (Please note, this is not an exhaustive list).