Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching is “the focussed application of skills that deliver performance improvement to the individual’s work in his or her organisation, through robust support and challenge. The coaching process should yield learning and personal development for the coachee, and help them to contribute more of their potential. This collaborate relationship will be short-term and practically focussed, and will be marked by clear, strong feedback, and rehearsal of new appropriate behaviours”. (Hawkins & Smith, 2013)

What happens during executive coaching?

The sessions are orientated towards:

  • Performance enhancement, i.e. goal-focussed, results driven and practical in nature
  • Personal development / potential realisation
  • Primed towards organisational goals.

This is achieved via:

  • Collaborative partnership between coach and coach
  • Explicit, unvarnished feedback
  • Short-terms contracts, pragmatically focussed

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