Center for Screen Addiction

What are the typical issues people struggle with relating to the screen addiction?

  • Social media addiction (including Facebook, IG, Twitter & Tiktok)
  • internet gambling addiction
  • pornography & sex addiction, & sexual confusion
  • depression & feeling down
  • anxiety & generalised anxiety
  • relationship difficulties, actual affairs & online ‘virtual affairs’
  • depersonalisation
  • jealousy & low self-esteem

The Center for Screen Addiction offers assessment and treatment services for people experiencing problems related to internet use. It has been built upon the extensive work of Dr Matt Shorrock, a leading clinician, researcher and writer in the field. All services available online or in-person (Vienna, Austria)…

Assessment & Advice

Assessment will determine levels of distress, and receive advice and recommendations (from self-help tools to in-depth psychotherapeutic interventions).


We have a long history of internet addiction research, and have developed treatment services that are evidence-based, cutting edge and efficient. 

  • Self-help & psycho-educational support package
  • Counselling & psychotherapeutic support
  • Intensive treatment programmes

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