Assessment & Advice Centre

Assessment & Advice

The ICIA has its own assessment centre, where people experiencing problematic internet use can be assessed in order to determine levels of distress, and advise of the best course of action (from advice-sharing and self-help tools to in-depth psychotherapeutic intervention).

The centre serves three core functions:

  • Assessment for those concerned they may be struggling with internet addiction. Our battery of psychometric and clinical assessments determine: causal or predisposing factors (aetiology), the level of distress, the type of internet addiction, as well as at risk factors for future usage, and prognosis.
  • Psycho-educational and emotional support for those affected, and those they are affecting. Our support packages include: self-help tools, monitoring and evaluation tools, and support groups. More in-depth interventions are available via our treatment clinics and programmes.
  • Workshops, training and consultation for employers, healthcare professionals, and statutory bodies.

Our highly specialised Assessment and Advice Centre is supported by our Research & Development Lab. Many of our assessment and advisory services are available online as well as face-to-face at our assessment and advice centres in Vienna (Austria).