Research & Development Lab

The ICIA delivers research and development services that inform our treatment and training programmes. We also support other healthcare professionals in learning how to identify, record and treat people struggling with internet related problems. The Lab serves three main functions:

Recording, monitoring and evaluation of psychometric and clinical assessments of people struggling with internet addiction. We collect data from our own assessment and treatment centres in Austria and the UK. The collation of this data (held in the strictest confidence, using cutting edge encryption facilities) is analysed and used to: inform our research; and support evidence-based practice.

We also support other professionals and organisations in conducting their own research, and help collate and analyse the data they gather. This enables us to monitor the prevalence of internet addiction and confirm the success rates of other practitioners working in the field.
Awareness raising and dissemination of our research via scholarly articles, books and online forums. 

Our highly specialised research and development services are also available online.