Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)

A consistent and increasing demand for quality, performance and results is placing increased pressure on employees to remain effective at work. An EAP is a strategic and cost-effective workplace programme that can be swiftly implemented to assist staff productivity, attendance and retention by supporting employees to explore, identify and resolve personal concerns that may affect job performance. These issues often include health, depression, anxiety, emotional, stress, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, or other personal struggles.

Each of our clients has a unique requirement and budget. By working in partnership with you we will design a bespoke solution which meets your specific requirements. Our EAPs serve as a gateway to a extensive range of services and support functions, including:

  • Counselling, therapy and other short-term psychological services
  • Information and training on emotional, work-life and workplace issues
  • Management support and referrals
    Management information on interventions
  • Money advice and debt management
  • Health & wellbeing support
  • Mediation / Conflict resolution
  • Critical/traumatic incident response
  • Stress management programmes


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